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It's our 2nd BIRTHDAY!

I cannot believe its been 2 years since I set up my own salon! I had been working at Academy Studios prior to setting up, but just renting a room and trading as a mobile therapist. A lot has happened in 2 years!

Some of you may remember I started off above the café in Academy Studios...

As demonstrated in this professional picture.

I lasted about 8 months up there before I was moved to the other side of the building! I loved my first salon, it was in my eyes beautiful. It was my dreamy little space to work my magic.

I moved quickly (over a bank holiday weekend) and it was just never the same. I couldn't put my finger on it but the space just didn't excite me! :(

Fast forward 8 more months... and WE were on the move again! This time downstairs, and I say we, because on the 7th September 2019 it will be Remy's one year anniversary of working for me (insert love hearts here) In March 2019 Shergold Spa was born.

Since March, Shergold Spa now has a team of 7 Therapists working in a beautiful (yes I fell in love again) salon. We have 2 single rooms, a double room and an open plan room consisting of 2 nail desks, 2 pedi stations, a sofa and a make up station.

Upstairs we have use of a relaxation lounge and a shower room.

We have extended our working hours, and our services! To celebrate we are having a MASSIVE game of PASS THE PARCEL! Simply unwrap one layer per appointment* during the month of September, and there is a prize in every layer!

To see our extensive list of services, please visit our website, where you can use our online booking facility.

We look forward to seeing you soon to celebrate!!

All our love, the team at Shergold Spa xx

*Doesn't include any free trainee treatments.

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