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Follow your Dreams

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts? I don’t remember the first time I decided that I was going to fulfil this fire in my soul, it‘s got to be over 15 years!

I can’t say if I’ve done the right thing or not, but I’m guessing as a mother - you never really know if you’re doing it right or wrong?

I’ve been a mother for 11.5 years now, I’m assuming the first 4 years I just thought it was a pipe dream! Then after that, I juggled being there for my children and hanging onto my dream/career by a thread.

But with determination, a heavy dose of optimism and self belief I‘m within touching Distance of fulfilling my dream! Part of my dream is to let as many people know as physically possible - it’s ok! You’re ok! You’re doing great, hang on in there.

I guess unless you know me, you probably haven’t got a clue about what I’m going on about ! I’m much better in person, I promise

Keep dreaming, and don’t ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too big.

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