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Mineral Make~Up. What is it? & Why you should be using it!

All make-up is not created equal. Unlike traditional make-up formulas, minerals use natural pigments from the earth to help provide rich colour!

Be cautious of labels! Cosmetic companies only need to have a small amount of mineral in their ingredients to label their product as MINERAL!

Those who wear make-up, will do for up to 10 hours a day, therefore we need to be conscious of what we are putting on our skin. Especially if you are using good skincare products - Why ruin all your hard work by applying make up that will clog your pores and dry your skin out??

Most cosmetic companies will use high levels of drying alcohols, fragrances and talc. These ingredients are used because they are cheap, they create a matte look and they bulk out the product! When realistically these products just dehydrate you.

Use 100% mineral make up for your skin to radiate a natural youthful glow!

My preferred 100% mineral make up is YOUNGBLOOD. It is free from:

* Parabens

* Petroleum

* Mineral Oil

* Talc

* Artificial Dyes

* Artificial Fragrances

* Irritants

* Harsh Chemicals

YOUNGBLOOD is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and is VEGAN friendly! wohoo! xx

Official stockist of Youngblood mineral Cosmetics

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