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Green Mask Application
Applying Face Oil

Skin is a Beautiful thing. Wear it well!

Relaxing Facials

Advanced Facials

Repecharge Facials

IPL Medical Therapy

Ocean Glow Feel Good Facial

Feel uplifted and look instantly radiant with an indulgent sea mineral facial, coming facial massage and a choice of results driven peel-off alginate masks to promote a youthful glow. 

55 minutes, £70


A superficial exfoliation of the skin including the removal of peach fuzz. Skin is revitalised and the barrier is restored before you leave, leaving you with glowing, smooth and soft skin for up to 4 weeks.

40 minutes, £78

Collagen Lift

Tighten, tone and lift using a ceramic wand and radio frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin, achieving firm youthful looking skin and prevent signs of ageing.

55 minutes £94.80

Biolight Miracle facial

info coming soon


Light therapy is used to help combat signs of photo damage including fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, and pigmentation.  A course of 6 is recommended.

40 minutes, £135

Course of 6, £675

Yogassage Signature Sculpting Seaweed Facial

A powerful pro-ageing double mud seaweed facial with yoga-inspired facial massage to lift, tone and sculpt whilst inducing deep relaxation and feelings of happiness.

1 hour 10 minutes, £85

Dermalux LED

info coming soon

Ultimate Collagen Lift

Combine the Collagen Lift Facial with either the Microdermabrasion or the HydroFacial for ultimate results. 

A course of 6 is recommended for all Collagen Lift Facials. 

1 hour 10 minutes, £114

Hydra Dew Pure Facial

info coming soon


Light therapy is used to target vascular concerns including rosacea, broken capillaries, and thread veins. A course of 6 is recommended.

40 minutes, £135

Course of 6, £675

Cheeks only, £95

Hydraboost Refresher Facial

An express pro-ageing mud facial, to instantly boost skin radiance and vitality with potent sea minerals for optimum skin health.

25 minutes, £35


Ultra fine crystals buff away the very outer layer of skin to reveal fresh,  younger, healthier looking skin from the very first treatment. A course of 6 is recommended.

Basic, 25 minutes £54

Course of 6, £270

Non Surgical Face Lift

info coming soon

Hydra Medic facial

info coming soon


Light therapy is used to kill the P. Acnes bacteria and reduce the oil producing sebaceous gland. A course of treatments can rapidly improve acne and reduce the affects of scarring. A course of 4 is recommended.

40 minutes, £135

Course of 4, £472.50

Gua Sha Mineral Eye Lift

Cooling Gua Sha eye treatment with multi-minerals and vitamins A, C and E for instant brightening and toning for the eye area.

25 minutes £35


info coming soon


info coming soon

4 Layer Vita Cura

info coming soon


IPL can be used on other areas of the body including superficial thread veins on the legs, cherry angioma spots and areas of sun damage or pigmentation on the face, chest and hands.

Single area, £55

Larger areas, POA

All IPL treatments will need a full and thorough consultation and patch test.

30-60 minutes, £30

Wonderful Glow facial. My skin feels smooth, glowing and refreshed. Thank you Ayano Spa


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